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Ep156: Tuberculosis Follow-up Care

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A nurse is caring for a patient who has tuberculosis. The patient is just completing a 9-month regimen of medication as part of treatment for the condition in which he responded well. Which describes the most appropriate follow-up that the patient would need?

This is one of the most commonly missed questions in our database of over 3,000 NCLEX® questions.  In this episode I explain the rationale and the basics of TB (tuberculosis) treatment and some of the medications that you need to know . . . including their side effects (INH and Rifampin).

Date Published - Dec 7, 2015
Date Modified - May 13, 2016

Jon Haws

Written by Jon Haws

Jon RN CCRN is a critical care nurse at a Level I Trauma center in Dallas, TX. His passions include learning about anatomy and physiology and teaching. When he isn't busting out content for NRSNG.com he loves spending time with his family.