Is Your Nursing School Experience Anything Like This…

  • Professors that just read from powerpoints, don’t actually teach anything, and then test on different material…
  • Being assigned 5,257 pages of reading material per night with little or no explanation of what you’re actually learning
  • School administration that don’t seem to actually care
  • Clinicals that are killer, with older nurses that don’t reach out to students well at all (ie – eating their young).
  • Test questions that don’t seem to line up with nursing reality. 

I Hear Your Frustrations.

Jon HawsMy name is Jon Haws RN BSN CCRN, and I’ve been an ICU nurse, charge nurse, preceptor, code team nurse, and mentor to nursing students and new nurses. I’ve been through it, and have seen the massive holes and problems with nursing education.

That’s exactly why myself and my team founded NRSNG.com –

We Want To Change Nursing Education Forever

Nursing education shouldn’t be so difficult, confusing, and stacked against a new nurse trying to figure things out.

It’s Our Mission Here to…


How things work through nursing school and beyond. We want to fill in the gaps of your education, so you can be the best, and most well-rounded nurse possible.


Material and concepts so you can easily understand and remember them, both on the NCLEX exam, and your nursing career in the future.


You to keep going through all of it. We’ll be your biggest cheerleader sometimes, and biggest kick-in-the-butt to keep going other times. It’ll take both to get through nursing school.


You with our larger nursing community in general. There are thousands of wonderful nurses out there in your exact same position, and farther down the road, that can assist, encourage and do the journey with you.

With a Team of Experts…


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… And Thriving Community of Nurses and Nursing Students Around the World

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To Get Started, Check Out One of Our “Ultimate” Resources

Nursing Lab Values Guide

Are you struggling with Lab Values? We’ve put together an awesome study guide with all of the nursing lab values that you’ll need to know, along with their abbreviation, description, normal range, indications, increased values and decreased values.

Check Out TheLab Values Study Guide

Pharmacology Medication Study Guide

One of the most common things we hear from nursing students is how difficult pharmacology is. Well, we don’t think it needs to be so damn hard! We’ve put together a huge list of medications to learn from, along with podcasts and videos for you to get a better explanation of each one. Enjoy!

Check Out TheMedications Study Guide

NCLEX® Exam Practice Questions

One thing that ANY nursing student could use more of in preparing for the NCLEX® exam is more practice questions formatted just like the ones they’ll see on the NCLEX® exam. We’ve build that bank of 3000+ NCLEX® Questions for you to use, practice with, and know where you need to focus your study time on.

Check Out TheNursing Practice Questions

... Or Grab One of Our Best Free Cheat Sheets

These are printable reference guides full of condensed and simplified information

63 Must Know Lab ValuesShadow
63 Must Know Lab Values

The quickest and easiest way to learn all of your most important lab-values.

10 Common EKG Heart RhythmsShadow
10 Common EKG Heart Rhythms

Once you get the EKG leads on, what should a normal hearth rhythm look like?

5 Lead EKG  PlacementShadow
5 Lead EKG Placement

How would you respond if your preceptor told you to place the EKG leads? This guide can help.

IV SolutionsShadow
IV Solutions

A quick reference guide to the most common IV solutions you’ll come across in a hospital.

Or If You Want More, We Have Some Great Courses Available

To Shortcut Your Learning, and Help You Master a Subject

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I know we can help you along your journey to first becoming a nurse, and then perfecting and honing your skills into the best nurse you can be down the road.

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Thank you again for coming to the website, and I hope that you can immense value from everything we provide!