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nRSNG Lets you Spend more time focusing on your students and less time worrying about lessons plans and practice questions.

Engage Students

Our pedagogy (Core Content Mastery Method™) is tailored to digital native learners of all learning styles.

Improve Outcomes

The full suite of resources, lessons, questions and more provides your students with what they need to improve.

Increase NCLEX Pass Rates

5,000+ nCLEX style questions written by NCSBN trained writers including our Patent pending NCLEX simulator (SIMCLEX™).

Complementary Accounts for Nurse Educators

NRSNG is your best resource for supplemental classroom material. We provide complimentary accounts to nurse educators at degree granting institutions.

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Student Success With NRSNG

We polled 300 random NRSNG users.  These are the results.

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What's Included inside NRSNG?

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Resources for Educators

  • Core Nursing Curriculum
  • 5,000+ NCLEX Style Questions
  • CAT NCLEX Simulator
  • Lesson Resources

Full List of Features

  • 1,000 HD Videos
  • 305 Nursing Cheatsheets
  • 138 Nursing Care Plans
  • 698 Medical Images
  • 1,511 Flashcards
  • 132 3D Interactive Anatomy Models
  • 5,000 NCLEX Style Questions
  • NCLEX Simulator (SIMCLEX)
  • Live Tutoring Sessions
  • Mobile App Included
  • Focused Lesson Quizzes
  • Download + Print Cheatsheets
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