The Ultimate Guide to a

Simple Nursing School Experience

Our Mission at NRSNG

Is to provide you with a simple nursing school experience by providing you with the tools and confidence you need to succeed in nursing school, on the NCLEX®, and in your life as a nurse.

Anyone that tells you that nursing school is a walk in the park is simply lying through their teeth. Nursing school is difficult. We’ve said it before, but nursing school is kinda like having a baby… after months and months of nausea, vomiting, and sleepless nights you start to question why the hell you did it in the first place.

We don’t think that nursing school needs to be easier (per se) but it doesn’t need to be so damn hard. What do I mean by that?

Nursing school is hard. It has to be hard. You are learning how to are completely for a patient (and their family) physically and emotionally during the most trying time of their lives. This requires an enormous amount of knowledge and skill and learning that is HARD.

BUT… what we’ve found (from our experience and talking to literally hundreds of thousands of nursing students around the globe) is that nursing school has become unnecessarily hard. Assignments have grown monotonous. Clinical time has been reduced. Some courses have become entirely pointless. Information is poorly conveyed and made impossible to find. Students and patients have taken a back seat in nursing education. This must change. This, in our minds, is completely wrong. This sets the nursing student up for failure.

It is possible to have a simple nursing school experience and we are here to make that possible.

When NRSNG first started in 2014, it was our goal to change nursing education. There is a need to create an environment of collaboration and support between students, educators, and administrators. While we realize that we alone can’t change individuals or nursing programs, what we have been able to do over the last several years is create a ground swell. The NRSNG Family is now millions strong and nursing students (and practicing nurses and educators) are discovering that they are not alone… they are part of a family. At NRSNG, we believe it’s okay to give a damn.

We are proud of what we’ve created… together.

From where you are sitting right now, you might think becoming a nurse is an unattainable goal, like no one has your back, and that failure is your only option. Don’t give up!

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1 – Podcasts

Cost: FREE

Our nursing podcasts make the perfect resource for the busy nursing student on the go. We cover nearly every topic you could need throughout your career as a nurse from getting into school, meds, labs, and so much more. You can literally listen anywhere you can take your phone.

Click on any of the podcasts below to start listening now.

NRSNG Podcast

Our flagship podcast. On this podcast we share interviews with nurse experts, nursing students, and others. We also share general nursing advice, tips and hacks to help you on your journey.

MedMaster Podcast

Nursing pharmacology is tough. In our MedMaster podcast we cover the most common medications you will encounter during your career as a nurse.

Lab Values Podcast

Knowing lab values at the drop of a hat is crucial to nursing. In this show we cover one common lab values per episode.

Nursing Mnemonics Podcast

Mnemonics have been proven to help with information retention. In this show we cover common nursing mnemonics in short and sweet episodes.

NCLEX® Prep Podcast

In this podcast we work through the NCLEX® test plan provided by the NCSBN and give your the “must know” information for each topic.

EKG Podcast

Interpreting EKGs is an important skill to have as a nurse. This podcast covers some of the most common heart rhythms and how to identify them on an EKG.

Nursing School Struggles Podcast

This question/answer podcast tackles the most common questions and struggles we get over email and attempts to provide advice and tips.

NCLEX Question of the Day Podcast

Each episode is a new NCLEX® style question with rationale. Perfect if you are going out on a jog or just driving around town.

Getting Into Nursing School Podcast

For those contemplating nursing school, this is the podcast for you. This show answers the common questions pre nursing students have about nursing school.

2 – Nursing Courses

It is possible to have a simple nursing school experience when you understand the information clearly. The problem is that many students are being read to from powerpoints or not being taught the information that really matters to help them become a good nurse. At NRSNG, we’ve answered that problem with our courses. We utilize a unique teaching method that helps you learn and retain what you really need to know. We offer many courses. Some are available as individual course offerings while other are only available through the NRSNG Academy (below).

All courses are written and developed by US trained and certified nurses and pharmacists with advanced certifications and years of actual direct patient care experience, preceptor experience with nursing students and new grads, and training in online education. All NRSNG nurse educators are highly skilled, experienced, and trained professionals with a minimum of 4 years direct patient care experience in their field.

All NRSNG courses include:

  • HD Video
  • MP3 Audio
  • Lesson Transcripts

  • Text Outlines
  • Practice Quizzes
  • Case Studies

  • Cheatsheets (PDF)
  • Resource Links

All Nursing Courses

To Make the Nursing School Experience Simple

Pediatrics CourseShadow
Pediatrics Course
(Academy Exclusive)
Mental Health CourseShadow
Mental Health Course
(Academy Exclusive)

3 – NRSNG Academy

Cost: $1 Trial

Our flagship product, and your guaranteed method for acing nursing school, passing the NCLEX®, and working as a skilled nurse is the NRSNG Academy (in fact we offer a 200% NCLEX® guarantee).

NRSNG Academy is the most robust nursing education platform available. You know how some nursing education companies only teach you how to take a test? Or how others only have low quality YouTube videos? Or how some charge insane amounts of money for regurgitated information taught by NON Nurses or nurses who have never touched a patient? Or how some are so entrenched in the nursing school bureaucracy that they have NO clue what the student really wants?

Well . . . we’ve fixed all those problems and created a nursing education platform that not only teaches you what you need to know but one that you will actually use, be proud to share with others, and enjoy logging into.


NRSNG Academy includes:

  • 10 Nursing Courses ( 585+ video/audio lessons)
  • 100+ Cheatsheets
  • 4,000+ NCLEX Practice Questions
  • SIMCLEX – NCLEX CAT simulation software
  • 500+ Printable Flashcards
  • 800+ Pages of Course Content

  • Medical Image Database
  • Members Only Online Study Group
  • MP3 Downloadable Database
  • Patient Stories
  • Links to Resources

  • Case Studies
  • Text Outlines
  • Course Quizzes
  • 200% NCLEX Pass Guarantee

Think of NRSNG Academy as what you WISH your nursing school had provided for you! It’s kinda like everything and the kitchen sink with new features and updates added often. We are on a mission to change nursing education forever.

NRSNG Academy User Reviews:

4 – Practice NCLEX® Questions

Cost: FREE – $99

Taking as many NCLEX® practice questions as you can is one of the most important factors in achieving success in nursing school and on the NCLEX®. We get that. BUT, not all practice question banks are created equal. Some companies through together huge databases of questions written by non US trained nurses who have never taken the NCLEX®. Or worse yet, some publish questions that aren’t even written by nurses. At NRSNG we want to simplify the process of taking nursing practice questions as much as possible. All of our questions are written by experience NCLEX® question writers who are US trained nurses.

Nursing Practice Questions (NPQ)

Nursing Practice Questions or NPQ as we like to call it is a traditional practice question app with several cool features including; global rank, feedback on 21 categories, ability to vote up and down questions.

If you are simply looking to take as many NCLEX® practice questions as you can find, this would be the best place to start. Getting set up and started is free or you can get a premium account with unlimited questions.


SIMCLEX is a computer adaptive NCLEX® test simulator. The actual NCLEX® runs on several complex algorithms which we have built into the app.

SIMCLEX is best used by those who are within 1-2 months from taking the NCLEX® to gauge how prepared they are to take the actual exam. Not only does it provide a realistic testing environment but it provides the same experience as the real thing.

5 – Nursing Study Databases

Cost: FREE

To put is simply, these databases are enormous free resources to nursing students covering some of the most important and complex materials. We’ve broken those topics down into easy to read, digest, and understand guides that you can refer back to at anytime while you are in nursing school.

Nursing Pharmacology Database

Pharmacology is one of the most UN-simple nursing topics you will encounter. Some schools have even stopped offering pharm to nursing students. At NRSNG, we believe that pharmacology is one of the most important topics a nurse will ever learn. To help with that, we’ve created a ton of resources including this huge database of the most common medications you need to know.

Lab Values Database

Being able to interpret a lab value and determine what your next action should be is an advanced nursing skill. To help you develop that skill, we’ve created an enormous database of lab values with video, audio, and text outlines to help all learning styles. Rather than give you EVERY lab value, we’ve taken the must know labs and provided you with what you need to know about them.

Nursing Care Plan Database

Care plans! Don’t freak out. We get it. Care plans are not fun. Whether your school requires care plans or concept maps, this ever growing database of nursing care plans will be your guide in understanding various disease processes, assessment findings, and nursing care.

Nursing School FAQs Database

Sometimes you have questions. That’s okay. Good nurses ask tons of questions! To help answer some of the most common questions surrounding nursing school, we’ve created a database of FAQs on a wide range of nursing topics.

6 – Books

Cost: FREE – $9.99

The problem with traditional nursing books is that they are way too big. What we’ve done with our books is condensed the information you need to know. Rather than inundate you, we provide you with condensed material written in a highly organized manner so that you have exactly what you need at your fingertips. And, as always, every NRSNG book is written by our team of US trained, certified, active, and experienced nurses.

Here is a small sample of some of our simple to read and understand nursing books. The best place to find all of our books is on Amazon. As a member of the NRSNG Academy, you do get access to the books below and over 800+ PDF pages of nursing material.

7 – NRSNG Nursing Blog

Cost: FREE

From the very beginning of NRSNG, our goal has been to provide nursing students with the tools and confidence needed to succeed. We realized that there was a lot of misinformation out there. There were a lot of blogs simply trying to make a quick buck. Several blogs weren’t even written by nurses and were trying to provide information to nursing students. With the NRSNG blog, we’ve set out to change that and to provide you with simple nursing information written by nurses in a direct and honest manner. We tell it like it is!

Some of Our Top Blog Posts

You Might Want to Pin for Later

We’ve actually written a total of nearly 1,000+ blog posts on a wide range of nursing school information so no doubt you will be able to find something that will help you along in your journey. There are two ways to search on the NRSNG blog, check them out in the GIF below.

Searching Blog Posts

8 – Nursing Cheatsheets

Cost: FREE

Ahhh . . . the cheatsheets. This is the bread and butter of NRSNG. In our cheatsheets we’ve create condensed, one page, PDFs of some of the most complicated information in nursing. These aren’t for lazy students or nurses . . . just the opposite. On these pages, the dedicated nurse will find quick reference materials to reinforce the hours and hours of study time they have already put in. These tend to be a God Send for most students who have spent days trying to grasp a complex topic to finally see it all come together in one PDF sheet. In total we have nearly 200 different simple nursing cheatsheets on a wide range of topics.

There are a couple of ways to get the NRSNG Cheatsheets:

Single Downloads

We offer a very small selection of our cheatsheets at the link above.

Download Cheatsheets

Friday Freebies

Through our Friday Feebie emails, we offer 52 of our cheatsheets on a weekly basis. This is free to subscribe to and we have nearly 200,000 nursing students that get these emails every single Friday.

Sign Up for Freebies

NRNSG Academy

Inside the NRSNG Academy we offer 100+ unique cheatsheets within the various courses to help reinforce the content.

Check Out NRSNG Academy

9 – Nursing Webinars

Cost: FREE

One of the things that we love more than anything at NRSNG is being able to connect directly with nursing students around the world. The best platform for that is webinars. During our free webinars we are able to talk directly with you and answer your questions. You can find a list of all of our webinars here:

11 Steps to Pass Any Nursing School or NCLEX Question

Nursing school tests are unlike anything you have ever experienced. In this webinar we talk about 11 simple steps to acing any nursing school test. This free webinar should be required curriculum in every nursing school.

Getting Into Nursing School Webinar

Applying to nursing school is scary. There are so many factors to consider that it leaves many would be applicants feeling overwhelmed. In this free nursing school webinar we talk about 5 things to consider before applying to nursing school.

10 – Physical Nursing Products

We are dedicated to giving you the tools and confidence you need to succeed. To help in that mission we have created several physical products that you can use on the clinical floor and in school. Below you will find some of our physical products.

11 – Nursing Apps

Every nursing learns differently. We have always strived at NRSNG to provide resources for every learning style. In doing this we’ve created a couple simple nursing apps that can be used on your mobile phone.

RN Crush

A basic NCLEX® app with several gaming modes built in to increase use time and make studying a bit more fun.

ScrubCheats NCLEX Cheatsheets

A digital version of the highly popular Scrubcheats. Take your nursing reference sheets with you on the go.

NRSNG is here to create real change in the nursing education space. We’ve dedicated our time and energy to developing a place where nurses and nursing students can gather to find simple nursing information they need in a way they can understand regardless of learning style or budget. We invite all future nurses to use the NRSNG Academy in their learning as it is the most robust nursing education platform, however, for those that do not have the budget, we have created a plethora of free materials.

Our mission will always be to provide the tools and confidence that you need to succeed in nursing school, on the NCLEX®, and in your life as a nurse.

Welcome to the NRSNG family. We are so happy to have you here!