Fluid and Electrolytes

The ultimate guide to fluid and electrolytes study guide for nursing students. Everything you need to know to care for patients and answer questions.

Nursing Cheatsheets

Looking for a boat load of free, printable cheatsheets that can be your secret weapon in nursing school? Look no further than our cheatsheet database! All are freely available for you to print, keep in your clinical binder, on your phone, etc. for quick reference any time.

Nursing Podcasts

One of our community’s favorite things about NRSNG is the massive amount of free content available in the form of podcasts. They’re easy to access, download to your phone, and listen to whenever you have a little bit of time – at the gym, during your commute, etc.

Pharmacology Medication Study Guide

One of the most common things we hear from nursing students is how difficult pharmacology is. Well, we don’t think it needs to be so damn hard! We’ve put together a huge list of medications to learn from, along with podcasts and videos for you to get a better explanation of each one. Enjoy!

EKG Interpretation Study Guide

You aren’t the only one that’s a bit terrified of EKGs . . . let’s just clear that up right away. For many nursing students and new nurses EKG interpretation can be intimidating, to say the least.

Nursing Lab Values Guide

Are you struggling with Lab Values? We’ve put together an awesome study guide with all of the nursing lab values that you’ll need to know, along with their abbreviation, description, normal range, indications, increased values and decreased values.

Nursing Practice Questions

One thing that ANY nursing student could use more of in preparing for the NCLEX® exam is more practice questions formatted just like the ones they’ll see on the NCLEX® exam. We’ve build that bank of 3500+ NCLEX® Questions for you to use, practice with, and know where you need to focus your study time on.

NCLEX® Practice Exams

Looking to take a few quick practice exams on specific subjects to get prepped for a nursing school test, or the NCLEX® as a whole? We’ve put together a number of punchy, 10-question exams on specific nursing subjects, so you can see how you’re doing in different categories, and figure out where to spend your study time.

Nursing Care Plans

Care plans! Don’t freak out. We get it. Care plans are not fun. Whether your school requires care plans or concept maps, this ever growing database of nursing care plans will be your guide in understanding various disease processes, assessment findings, and nursing care.

Nursing Mnemonics Study Guide

Need help remembering the specifics of a disease pattern instantly on the clinical floor? The most effective way of developing this instant recall is through the use of mnemonics. These little phrases or abbreviations will help you quickly recall information when you need it the most.

Simple Nursing School Experience

Nursing school can be really hard, confusing, and leave you feeling alone and not supported. That’s why we started NRSNG in the first place, and this guide is the compilation of all the most helpful resources we have for making your nursing school experience simple and easy.

Nursing School FAQs Database

Sometimes you have questions. That’s okay. Good nurses ask tons of questions! To help answer some of the most common questions surrounding nursing school, we’ve created a database of FAQs on a wide range of nursing topics.