The Ultimate Resource List

So the entire mission here at NRSNG is to change nursing education forever, but providing nursing students the education, resources and confidence they’ll need to succeed in nursing school, pass the NCLEX and be an excellent nurse.

Part of our mission in doing that is providing the study materials that WE wish we had through nursing school, so you can actually figure out what you need to focus on learning, and what stuff is not important.

Here are some of absolute best, mega, mind-blowing resources that we’ve created that completely dominate a particular subject matter.

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Nursing Lab Values Guide

Are you struggling with Lab Values? We’ve put together an awesome study guide with all of the nursing lab values that you’ll need to know, along with their abbreviation, description, normal range, indications, increased values and decreased values.

Check Out TheLab Values Study Guide

Pharmacology Medication Study Guide

One of the most common things we hear from nursing students is how difficult pharmacology is. Well, we don’t think it needs to be so damn hard! We’ve put together a huge list of medications to learn from, along with podcasts and videos for you to get a better explanation of each one. Enjoy!

Check Out TheMedications Study Guide

NCLEX® Exam Practice Questions

One thing that ANY nursing student could use more of in preparing for the NCLEX® exam is more practice questions formatted just like the ones they’ll see on the NCLEX® exam. We’ve build that bank of 3000+ NCLEX® Questions for you to use, practice with, and know where you need to focus your study time on.

Check Out TheNursing Practice Questions