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Welcome to the #1 Online Community for Nursing Students and Nurses. We are on a mission to change nursing education forever.

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Our mission is to fix the holes left by traditional nursing education, by simplifying, condensing and clarifying important nursing concepts, while encouraging and motivating alongside our growing community.

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One of the biggest resounding fears that we hear from nursing students is the fear of not passing the NCLEX® Exam on the first time.

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70+ Nursing Cheatsheets… in Your Pocket

We are proud to announce the release of our very popular physical cheatsheet pack as a phone app! Now you can have over 70 nursing school cheatsheets instantly available, right on your phone.

Now when you just can’t remember that specific lab value normal range, or your preceptor nurse has a question you just can’t remember, the right answer is just a few taps away.

Everything is sorted by nursing category, all cheatsheets are available offline, and we’re constantly adding to and growing the list.

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Most Popular Free Cheat Sheets

Free Downloadable Cheat Sheets to Make Mastering Nursing Concepts Simple and Clear

63 Must Know Lab ValuesShadow
63 Must Know Lab Values

The quickest and easiest way to learn all of your most important lab-values.

10 Common EKG Heart RhythmsShadow
10 Common EKG Heart Rhythms

Once you get the EKG leads on, what should a normal hearth rhythm look like?

5 Lead EKG  PlacementShadow
5 Lead EKG Placement

How would you respond if your preceptor told you to place the EKG leads? This guide can help.

IV SolutionsShadow
IV Solutions

A quick reference guide to the most common IV solutions you’ll come across in a hospital.

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