QOD 60: TENS Device and Back Pain (Musculoskeletal/Basic Care and Comfort)

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A nurse is using a TENS device to help a patient with his low back pain. Which of the following considerations should the nurse keep in mind when using this type of device? Select all that apply.


A. The TENS unit involves electrical stimulation

C.  A pregnant patient may not be able to use TENS

D. A patient who has a monitor should not use TENS over leads

E.  TENS can cause damage to the skin


A trans-electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) unit can be applied to certain parts of the body to stimulate nerves under the skin and help to control pain. When utilizing this method, the nurse should understand that it is an electrical current being used and could therefore injure the skin. It should not be used over monitor leads and its safety during pregnancy is not completely understood.

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