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QOD 50: Palliative Care in Respiratory Patient (Respiratory/Basic Care and Comfort)

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A patient with lung disease has decided to receive palliative care at home. The patient does not want his mother to be nearby while he is recovering, even though his wife has asked him to reconsider. Which response from the nurse would best support this patients choice?


A.  “Your family is responsible for providing most of your care; you can decide who you want to help you.”


A patient who is in palliative care receives support and help from the nurse but may often rely on family members to provide much of the care as well. If a patient does not want a specific family member near during treatments, he has the right to ask the person to stay away. The nurse should not interfere by coming between the patient and his family to decide about who should be present for care.

Date Published - Mar 18, 2016
Date Modified - Jul 11, 2016