Your patient has just been admitted to your floor post-operatively after a knee replacement. He recieved a total of 100 mcg fentanyl in the PACU, of which 25 mcg were administered just before traveling to your unit from the PACU. During your initial assessment, you note his respirations are 8, he requires sternal pressure to open his eyes but then falls back asleep again, and his oxygen saturation is 82%. What is your priority intervention at this time?


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- Administer narcan

- Administer acetylcysteine

- Administer epinephrine

- Administer morphine


This patient has had too much fentantyl and is over-sedated. Of the interventions listed, the most appropriate would be to administer the opioid-reversal agent narcan. Acetylcysteine is the antidote for acetaminophen (Tylenol), epinephrine would not be appropriate, and morphine would only worsen the situation.

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