Your patient had a pituitary tumor resection yesterday. You've gotten report on him for the day. The night shift nurse has told you that he didn't sleep well, and his pain is not well controlled. His arterial line waveform is dampened. His oxygen is 96% on a humidifed oxygen tent. He's had 700 ml oral intake and 825ml IV fluids in, and 6L out, 2.5L in the last hour. His morning labs showed a potassium of 3.4 and magnesium of 1.9. What concerns you most about him?


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- His urinary output

- His arterial line

- His uncontrolled pain

- His magnesium level


One of the major complications of a pituitary resection is the development of diabetes insipidus (DI). His large amount of urine ouput in that short amount of time is particuarly concerning, as it can indicate that he is developing DI. A dampened arterial waveform should be noted, but does not require immediate intervention. His pain should be addressed, but is not as concerning as developing DI. His magnesium is slightly below normal range and will require supplementation, but it is not as urgent as his DI.

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