You just recieved a call from the lab to tell you that your patient who has been having diarrhea is positive for clostridium difficile and the appropriate isolation precautions need to be ordered and implemented as soon as possible. What isolation precautions will be necessary for this patient? Select all that apply.


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- Educate your patient and their loved ones that they must use soap and water to wash their hands and not antimicrobial hand sanitizer/gel

- Place the patient in a negative airflow room

- Obtain gowns, gloves, face masks, and shoe covers to be worn in the room at all times

- Obtain a door sign indicating the level of precaution and necessary personal protective equipment (PPE)

- Place the patient in a private room


Enteric precautions are required for patients with clostridium difficile. This includes appropriate signage and PPE (gowns and gloves), as well only using soap and water to wash hands. Negative airflow is necessary with airborne precautions, which are not needed in this situaiton. Shoe covers and masks are not required for enteric precautions.


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