You have a patient with abdominal pain. They are telling you what they came into the ER for when they become pale in the face, sweaty and state, "I don't feel so good, I need a bucket." What are the priority interventions for this patient? Select all that apply.


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- Get a POC glucose

- Lay the patient down on the stretcher

- Get a set of vital signs

- Take the patient to a STAT abdominal CT scan

- Perform a focused neuro exam


Either the patient is having a vaso-vagal response or their glucose is very low. You can check for signs of shock by taking a set of vital signs. You should also lay the patient down, preferably in reverse trendellenburg. Doing a neuro exam won't tell you anything and is not pertinant at this time, and getting a CT scan would be a bad idea as the patient isn't for sure stable at this time.


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