You have a patient who is complaining of shortness of breath. The patient is able to get 2-3 words out before they have to stop to take a breath. They are in the tripod position and just look at you and say, "Help me." What is the priority intervention for this patient?


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- Administer oxygen

- Check a pulse ox

- Check capillary refill

- Listen to their lung sounds


The patient will get oxygen first. This patient needs to have their oxygen saturation percentage assessed too, but if they are hypoxic you will give oxygen, same with listening to their lung sounds or checking capillary refill, the first line treatment is to give them oxygen. So give the Os first then assess. (I know this seems different than ADPIE, but consider this: have you assessed that they are having a difficult time breathing? Yes. All other assessments are additional and take more time when your first assessment told you what you needed to do first).

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