A mother has brought her 2 month old child in for a well baby visit. The mother is concerned because the child keeps her eyes crossed most of the time. What is the most appropriate response by the nurse? Select all that apply


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- "Babies can sometimes do this, but it is a completely normal thing for baby to do."

- "It is ok for baby to cross her eyes at this age. After 4 months they will gain the ability to focus."

- "Sometimes infants need to have glasses to help them focus their eyes."

- "Well that is no good, we need to get her into see a pediatric opthamologist."

- "That seems a little harsh, you should love your baby no matter if they have crossed eyes or not."


Strabismus is a normal finding in children from birth till 4 months due to lack of eye muscle coordination. After 4 months, the child should have gained strength and the ability to focus her eyes and it would not be a normal finding after 4 months.


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