A 15-year-old patient requires surgery for removal of a cancerous tumor that will require taking out one of her ovaries during the procedure. The patient tells the nurse, I do not want to have this surgery. I want to have kids someday. It's my body, I can do what I want. Which of the following responses from the nurse is legally correct?


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- Unfortunately, you do not get to make that decision for yourself.

- I will tell the physician about your choice.

- You need to discuss this with your parents.

- Are you sure? You are only 15 years old and things may change with time.


A patient who is 15 years old is considered a minor and would have decisions made for her through her parents. If the patient were an emancipated minor and showed that she was capable of caring for herself, she could potentially make this decision. Unfortunately, the patient is only 15 years old and is not emancipated in this situation, so she cannot make the choice. She must rely on her parents to make the best decision for her.

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