A nurse who is working on the rehabilitation unit of the hospital has been assigned the following patients: Patient A is a 39-year-old patient who has a musculoskeletal condition that requires chiropractic alignment once a week. Patient B is a 50-year-old patient who has vision loss and needs 1-person assist with movement. Patient C is a 68-year-old patient who suffers from tinnitus due to an inner ear disorder. Which order should the nurse see these patients to support their needs for movement and rehabilitation?


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- C, B, A

- A, C, B

- C, A, B

- A, B, C


The nurse in this situation should first assess patient C who has tinnitus and who may be at risk of falling or having balance problems because of his inner ear disorder. This is followed by patient B who needs 1-person assistance with getting up and is also at risk of injury. Finally, the nurse should see patient A last because he is has the fewest risk factors.

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