Which best describes reflexology as a non-pharmacological treatment method that may be utilized for a patient suffering from chronic pain?


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- Applying pressure to sites on the hands, feet, and ears as a method of stress reduction

- Using the hands to apply pressure to the joints and sites where the reflexes are present

- Teaching the patient how to control certain body functions that are normally not part of his conscious awareness

- Balancing the patients energy by placing the hands near the patients head


Reflexology is a non-pharmacological method of pain control that may be used for some patients who suffer from chronic pain. It is also used as a form of complementary therapy for stress reduction and may work as part of treatment for any number of medical conditions. Reflexology is performed when a practitioner applies pressure to specific sites in the hands, feet, and ears; the theory is that these points correspond to different organs and parts of the body so that when pressure is applied, the person experiences relief.

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