A 29-year-old patient with major depressive disorder is receiving care for suicidal ideation. The nurse is talking to the patient about her care and treatment options. Which of the following is a feature of shared decision making used to meet this patients needs for care?


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- Shared decision making involves selecting a treatment choice that is based on both clinical evidence and the client's preferences

- Shared decision making occurs when a person is able to make decisions on behalf of, or in a way that impacts, another person

- Shared decision making checks the physical function of the patient and his healthcare problems and appoints a guardian to share in the assessment

- Shared decision making considers multiple alternatives to the patients provisions to determine the best choice of care


Shared decision making is a concept that involves the patient and his healthcare providers working together to find the best solutions and to develop the most appropriate plan for the patients care. The information used during the decision making process comes from clinical evidence, in which the provider understands what medical procedures are necessary for the patient, but it also comes from the patients preferences for what he wants for his own care.

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