A case management nurse is reviewing the chart for a patient in a psychiatric hospital who has been diagnosed with panic disorder. The patient is anxious and irritable is undergoing education about relaxation techniques, but he requires close monitoring of his adherence to the regimen. Which action of the case manager will most likely support this patients plan of care?


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- Help the patient to learn about other complementary or alternative treatments available

- Arrange for the patient to be committed to long-term inpatient care

- Plan for a home health nurse to visit the patient daily to watch him perform his relaxation techniques

- Call the physician and tell him that the patient most likely needs surgery


The case manager in this situation would most likely try to help the patient find a method of therapy or treatment that would work best for him. The patient is not adhering to his current form of therapy, so the case management nurse may be able to help the patient find a different method of management that he can accept.

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