A nurse is caring for a patient who has developed severe hyponatremia and is confused. The nurse needs help with caring for the patients needs while keeping the patient safe without using restraints. Which of the following best demonstrates that the nurse is advocating for the safety of this patient?


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- Placing the patient in a room near the nurse's station

- Keeping the patients secrets when she tells the nurse something important

- Discussing the patients condition with other staff to determine the best course of action

- Not telling the family about the patients behavior because it would embarrass her


Severe hyponatremia can result in confusion and combative behaviour, restraints may be necessary to keep the patient safe. The nurse should try to avoid using restraints if at all possible by coming up with alternative solutions when the patient is uncooperative. In this case, the nurse can keep the patient safe by placing her in a room near the nurse's station where the staff can monitor her more closely.

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