A nurse case manager is working with a diabetic patient to ensure that he has the supplies he needs to manage his condition at home. The case manager has developed a plan of care for the patient and is listing appropriate outcomes related to the patients self-care skills at home. Which of the following examples is most applicable in this situation?


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- Patient will demonstrate how to check blood glucose and respond appropriately to results before dismissal to home.

- Patient will have normal blood glucose levels before discharge.

- The patients family will verbalize the patients self-care skills before he is dismissed.

- The patient will be free from pain before dismissal from the healthcare center.


A patient who will be expected to care for his diabetes at home after discharge should be able to demonstrate some forms of self care while in the hospital. The case manager should ask the patient to demonstrate self-care measures, such as by checking his own blood glucose levels and showing how to respond to changes before being expected to do it on his own at home.

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