A nurse is working with a client who wants to quit smoking. After three months of work, the client tells the nurse, I just do not think I can change. I can't handle it. Which action should the nurse employ that would appropriately handle this patients situation? Select all that apply.


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- Determine if there are any patient fears contributing to lack of change

- Focus on the patients feelings of loss of freedom about the change

- Help the client to see how much work it will be to change

- Be supportive if the patient changes his mind

- Tell the client why the change would benefit him


A nurse may work with clients as they go through the process of change; this may involve talking through the patients desires for change and how he plans to implement changes. If the patient tells the nurse that he cannot cope with change, the nurse should be supportive of his choices and determine if there are any factors that may be preventing him from making a change.

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