A 39-year-old patient has been given a nursing diagnosis of Disturbed Body Image after have a below-the-knee amputation. The nurse has been working with this patient to help him with some of his feelings about his body by talking about the events that led up to the amputation and how the patient sees his body now. After implementing these interventions, what outcomes would be most appropriate for this patient? Select all that apply.


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- The patient will verbalize the normalcy of grieving over his amputation

- The patient will attend a support group to explain to others about his condition

- The patient will be able to walk to the end of the hall

- The patient will be willing to look at his stump

- The patient will not use negative remarks about his body


After working with a patient with disturbed body image, the nurse may expect to see a change in the patients body perception and may be more likely to start to accept the changes that have occurred. It is not reasonable to believe that the patient would completely accept his body after a short period of time, but the nurse could help the patient to verbalize his feelings and perhaps look at the area that has changed.

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