A 66-year-old patient complains to the nurse that ever since he retired, he has had headaches, insomnia, and has been feeling tired. Which instructions would the nurse most likely give that would help this patient to cope with this life change? Select all that apply.


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- The patient should take good care of himself at home

- The patient may join a support group to talk to others

- The patient should enroll in an inpatient program for stress management

- The patient will need to start on antidepressants

- The patient should avoid making other big changes for now


The patient in this situation is most likely experiencing stress as a result of a life change, for example, retirement. The nurse can assist this client with developing coping mechanisms to adjust to the change in his life, because it is significant. The nurse may teach the patient about joining a support group or give him ideas about how to take care of himself.

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