A 17-year-old patient is in the primary care clinic for a routine physical exam. The nurse asks the patient about his extracurricular activities, what subjects he likes in school, and if he is involved in any other activities, such as using drugs or alcohol. Which principles would the nurse keep in mind when providing education for a patient in this age group? Select all that apply.


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- The patient may not want to talk about his activities

- The patient will need a lot of reading material about dangerous behaviors

- The patient will need to have his mother present during the exam

- The patient may be embarrassed about the questions the nurse asks

- The patient should not be allowed to answer any questions


While it is important to assess whether an adolescent patient is engaging in unsafe activities, such as drug use, the nurse can expect that the patient may not want to give a lot of information. Adolescents may be more likely to be embarrassed about their activities or they may not want to talk to an adult about what they do.

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