The nurse is examining a client who reports they have pain in the RUQ of their abdomen. The nurse knows which of the following is not located in the RUQ?


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- Liver

- Gallbladder

- Duodenum

- Spleen


Located in the RUQ: Most of the liver, gallbladder, duodenum, head of the pancreas, hepatic flexure of the colon, Part of the ascending and transverse colon. Located in the LUQ: Left lobe of the liver, Stomach, spleen, body and tail of the pancreas, spleenic felxure of the colon, part of the transverse and decending colon. Located in the RLQ: Cecum, Appendix, Right ureter, right ovary and fallopian tube or right spermatic cord. Located in the LLQ: Part of the descending colong, signmoid colon, left ureter, Left ovary and fallopean tube or left spermatic cord.

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