The nurse is talking with a 17 year old female who confides in the nurse that she secretely drinks with her friends on the weekends. The nurse knows that this could be a situation where the teenager feels pressured into doing things. What is the best response from the nurse?


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- "Sounds like you and your friends are having a fun time on the weekend!"

- "Having a party with your friends can be fun, just be aware that drinking can lead to not being in control of your body and possibly put you in some really bad situations. I would love to talk about what could go wrong if you'd like."

- "You are not of age to drink so you better stop before you get in trouble!"

- "Teenage girls who drink end up pregnant or in jail, is that the kind of life you want?"


Peer pressure in the late teens is part of developement and growth. The nurse should encourage the teenager to do what is right by reminding her of consequences that can be sometimes hard to grasps cognitively at 17. The nurse should not yell at the teenager or make her feel like she can't confide in the nurse.

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