A 70 year old client is diagnosed with pneumonia. The treatement plan includes antibiotics, breathing treatments and incentive spirometer use. The client is alert and oriented to person, place, time, and situation. They are on 2L nasal cannula without any signs or symptoms of distress. The client states, "I do not want to have any antibiotics, I just want this to run it's course." The nurse knows this client has a durable power of attorney. Which of the following should the nurse do?


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- Continue treatment because the patient has a power of attorney and they want the client to be treated.

- Continue treatment because as the patients advocate, the nurse knows that the patient might not survive pneumonia.

- Deam this client as mentally not competent because anyone who is competent would consent to treatment and want to get better

- Stop all treatments, talk to the physicain and initiate a meeting between the client, their family and the health care team.


Clients who have a power of attorney are permitting a specific person to make medical decisions for the patient in the event that they are no longer competent or able to do so theirselves. The nurse needs to make sure that the patient has all the information and that the family members and physician are aware of the dicisions being made. The right to refuse treatment is within this clients rights because the patient is competent.

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