A nurse is assisting with placement of a chest tube on a patient with lung cancer. The nurse needed to wear gloves, a mask, and a gown while assisting. Which information is most important when the nurse needs to remove the PPE?


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- The gown should be removed in a way so that it will not contaminate the clothing underneath

- The nurse should remove the PPE after leaving the room

- The nurse should perform hand hygiene before removing PPE

- The gloves should be removed at the same time


Personal protective equipment (PPE) is worn by the healthcare provider to protect against exposure to certain pathogens that can cause infection. When wearing PPE, the nurse must follow certain principles for putting it on and for taking it off. When taking off PPE, the nurse should remove it before leaving the room and perform hand hygiene immediately after removal. The nurse should remove a gown carefully and in such as way as to not contaminate the clothing underneath.

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