A 48-year-old patient is undergoing internal radiation for treatment of kidney cancer. The nurse caring for this patient would best protect herself, the patient, and others from contamination by which of the following actions? Select all that apply.


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- Ensure that the patient is placed in a private room

- Place a Caution sign on the patients door

- Keep instructions specific to the patients care in a chart in the radiation department

- Put on a film badge to check exposure each time the nurse enters the patients room

- Keep the trash can lined with a plastic bag


A patient who receives internal radiation as part of treatment for cancer can put others around him at risk by exposing them to the radiation. The nurse must take several measures to protect herself when caring for this patient by ensuring he is in a private room and wearing a film badge at all times that will demonstrate how much exposure has occurred. The nurse must also keep linens and trash separate from that of other patients to best protect them.

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