A nurse who is working with doxorubicin has accidentally had some of the drug splash onto her bare arm. Which action should the nurse perform that is an appropriate response in this situation? Select all that apply.


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- Wash the area with soap and water for at least 5 minutes

- Continue to wear PPE while cleaning up

- Use a scrub brush to carefully abrade the skin

- Apply bacterial ointment to the site

- Contact the physician to report the exposure


Nurses who work with chemotherapeutic agents are at risk of accidental exposure when these substances come into contact with skin or clothing. Nurses who administer these drugs should always wear personal protective equipment and should continue to wear PPE while cleaning a spill. If the nurse gets some of the agent on her skin, she should wash with soap and water for 5 minutes and continue to monitor for changes that indicate a reaction to the drug.

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