After being dismissed from the hospital for care of injuries sustained during a fall, a patient has a visit with a home care nurse to assess the safety of his home environment. The nurse should provide which information to promote home safety for this client?


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- Keep threshold moldings in good condition

- Always wear slippers or socks in the house

- Keep wood floors polished and clean

- Maintain handles on the left side of the staircase


Home safety prevention is an integral part of home care; the patient who is cared for in the home must be assessed for those factors that can cause injury or harm to the patient. There are various items around the patients house that could cause injury; the nurse may need to use a checklist to help the patient see where potential injury can occur. The patient should be counseled to wear solid shoes at home, avoid polished floors, keep handrails on both sides of the staircase, and keep threshold moldings in good condition to avoid tripping.

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