A nurse is preparing to draw blood for laboratory testing on a patient. Upon entering the room, the nurse asks the patient to state his name while she checks his armband. What is the intent of using two identifiers in this situation?


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- To identify the patient and to match the patients identity with the appropriate procedure

- To ensure that the patient is not cognitively impaired

- To assess the patients hearing and ability to follow directions

- To ensure that the physician has not ordered the wrong procedure for the patient


The Joint Commission has established the standard of two patient identifiers that must be checked whenever a healthcare professional is planning to perform a procedure on a patient. The purpose of checking two patient identifiers is to ensure that the patient is who he says he is and to ensure that the procedure scheduled is correct for that specific patient. Identifiers that should be used for this process include the patients armband, having the patient state and spell his name, or the patients hospital ID number.

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