A nurse must use a N95 respirator for protection against tuberculosis with a patient. Which of the following considerations should be used while the nurse is utilizing this mask?


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- The mask must be fitted specifically for the nurse

- When a N95 respirator is not available, the nurse should use a surgical mask instead

- The N95 respirator does not provide a seal around the sides of the mask

- The N95 respirator will not protect against influenza


An N95 respirator is a special type of mask worn by the nurse to filter out particles of microorganisms that may transmit disease through the air. The respirator is designed to protect the wearer against pathogens of a specific size, such as tuberculosis. It must be fitted specifically for the nurse and when it is, it provides a tight seal against the face. The N95 respirator is not the same as a surgical mask and the two are not interchangeable.

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