A pediatric nurse is caring for a 2-year-old patient who suffered a femur fracture. The patient has a cast on his leg and has been placed in Bryant's traction. Which of the following considerations must the nurse implement when working with a child who uses this traction?


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- Maintain the buttocks at a level just above the mattress of the bed

- The knee must be maintained at a 90-degree angle

- Provide the child with a liquid or mechanical soft diet

- Perform range-of-motion of the affected hip every 4 hours


Bryant's traction is used for a fracture of the femur in young children; a child who uses Bryant's traction is typically less than 2 years old and weighs less than 30 pounds. While caring for this child, the nurse should ensure that the buttocks are at a level just above the mattress of the bed, as this form of traction pulls the legs and hips straight up off the bed.

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