A nurse is preparing to insert an IV into a 9-year-old child who needs fluids. The child has several sites that could be used to start the IV. The child appears anxious about the IV start. Which statement or question from the nurse is most appropriate when helping to calm the child in this situation?


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- Would you like to pick where I'm going to start your IV?

- I'm going to start your IV now; just hold still and look at the wall.

- Are you having any pain?

- This is an intravenous catheter; it goes into your vein and gives you fluids so that you will not be sick.


When a child is anxious about a procedure, the nurse should try to either avoid performing the procedure while the child is alert or if this is not possible, should try to give the child as much choice in the matter as is allowed. In this situation, the nurse needs to start the IV; it is not the child's choice to refuse the IV. The child will also most likely be awake for the procedure. The nurse can give the child a bit of a sense of control by asking the child which location she would like for her IV. By giving her a little more control, the child may be more likely to cooperate.

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