A nurse is preparing to draw blood for a blood culture from a patients central venous catheter. The patient has a triple-lumen catheter that has fluid running into one lumen and 2 lumens that are not in use. What is the first step of the nurse when drawing a blood sample using the syringe method?


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- Cleanse the hub of the catheter

- Shut off the infusion running into the central line

- Clamp the catheter for 5 minutes

- Attach the syringe to the end of the catheter


A central line may be used for administration of fluids and medications, but it is also useful for drawing blood samples when needed for lab testing. If the catheter has more than one lumen, the nurse can use a lumen that does not have fluid running through it. The nurse must first cleanse the catheter hub before attaching the syringe. There is no need to clamp the catheter if it is not being used for fluid.

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