A nurse is caring for a patient who recently had an NG tube placed. Before starting the first enteral feeding, the nurse wants to check for proper placement. Which of the following techniques is most appropriate to confirm placement?


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- Draw back a small amount of gastric fluid and test the pH

- Inject 10 mL of air into the tube while auscultating over the abdomen

- Inject 10 mL of normal saline into the tube and listen over the chest

- Ask the patient to open his mouth and check the back of the throat


When a patient has an orogastric or nasogastric tube in place, it is essential that the nurse check for proper placement of the tube to ensure that the tip is in the stomach and has not migrated to another area. The nurse should verify placement before administering formula or medications through the tube. The only acceptable method to confirm proper placement is to aspirate a small amount of gastric contents and to check the pH.

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