A nurse is caring for a 20-year-old patient with testicular cancer. The patient has expressed feelings of anxiety related to his diagnosis and he appears restless and agitated every time the nurse tries to talk with him. Which intervention would be the most appropriate for the nurse to help this patient with anxiety?


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- Offer information about support groups or pastoral care

- Tell the patient that he will feel better if he talks about it

- Offer to have the physician talk with the patient about his diagnosis

- Explain that the patient most likely needs antidepressants to get him through this time


A patient who has been diagnosed with cancer may be experiencing many emotions, including anxiety, frustration, anger, and grief. A patient who is anxious but who does not necessarily want to talk may benefit from receiving resources to meet with others who are experiencing similar situations. A patient may also appreciate talking to a pastor or spiritual advisor if he does not wish to talk to anyone else.

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