A nurse is caring for an unconscious patient to perform oral hygiene. Which of the following principles would the nurse follow that are associated with oral hygiene in an unconscious patient? Select all that apply.


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- An unconscious patient may mouth breathe, further indicating the need for oral hygiene

- If the nurse does not perform oral hygiene, the patient’s mouth may crack and bleed

- The nurse should brush and floss the patient’s teeth every two hours

- When performing oral hygiene, the nurse should keep the head of the bed flat

- After cleaning the mouth, the nurse can apply moisturizer to the patient’s lips


Oral hygiene is important for any patient, but an unconscious patient may be at higher risk of infection or complications if he does not receive adequate oral hygiene. The nurse should brush the patient’s teeth and clean the mouth on a regular basis, applying moisturizer to the lips to avoid cracking and drying.

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