A 7-year-old girl is being seen at a healthcare clinic; the nurse suspects that the child is being neglected and physically abused at home. Beyond physical markings on the child, which of the following can also indicate signs of a child being abused or neglected? Select all that apply.


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- The patient is wearing dirty, poorly-fitting clothes

- There is strict limit setting in the home

- The child sleeps in the same bed as her mother

- The patient misses school approximately once per week

- The child has body odor and rotting teeth


A neglected and/or physically abused child will demonstrate some signs or symptoms that can indicate to the nurse that the child is being harmed. A neglected child is someone who is not well cared for, whether through physical, psychological, or medical needs. The child may appear dirty and have poorly fitting clothes, indicating that no one bothers to help him stay clean or groomed. Body odor and rotting teeth also indicate that a child is neglected, as they are evidence that he is not helped to bathe or brush his teeth or that no one has taken him to a dentist.

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