A patient who has developed depression after experiencing chronic back pain is being seen at the acute care clinic. Which best describes how the nurse would demonstrate psychoeducation when working with this patient?


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- Teaching the patient about the effects his mental health issue has so he can manage it better

- Helping the patient to find a support group for people who suffer from back pain

- Administering medications that will relieve some of the back pain

- Providing information to the patient about an upcoming research study based on the effects of pain and depression


Psychoeducation is the process of providing information and education to people who suffer from mental health diagnoses; the education provided is specifically related to how they can best manage their disease. A nurse may administer psychoeducation by teaching the patient about the effects of depression and how they can be related to chronic pain. The purpose of psychoeducation is to empower the patient so that he can best manage his psychological condition.

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