A patient has been diagnosed with atherosclerosis and suffers intermittent episodes of angina. He has started in a cardiac rehabilitation program and the nurse is helping him develop coping mechanisms that would most likely help him with accepting his situation. Which intervention would the nurse use to help the patient develop coping mechanisms in this situation?


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- Encourage the patient to think of times when he successfully coped with other challenging situations

- Explain to the patient about the importance of making lifestyle changes to benefit his health

- Have the patients family nearby to help the patient when he feels low

- Explore alternatives to cardiac rehabilitation that will help the patient to better cope with his situation


When helping a person to develop coping mechanisms, it may be beneficial to consider past successes at coping with difficult times. In this case, the nurse can help the patient to remember times when he was successful at coping with other difficult situations. The patient may be able to employ these same mechanisms with managing his angina.

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