The parents of a newborn with jaundice are being instructed in home use of a phototherapy blanket to treat the condition. Which information would the nurse most likely give this family for instructions on home phototherapy?


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- You may notice that your baby has changes in his bowel movements but this should stop when the phototherapy is discontinued.

- You should continue to feed your baby every 4 to 6 hours, even with the phototherapy.

- Put the baby's clothes on first and then cover them with the phototherapy blanket.

- You will most likely need to use the phototherapy blanket for about 6 months.


Some parents of newborns with jaundice may use phototherapy at home through a specialized blanket that can be worn on the skin throughout the day and night. When a baby uses phototherapy for management of jaundice, the nurse will need to teach the parents to continue to feed the baby every 2 to 3 hours and to keep the baby undressed while using phototherapy so that the light can reach as much skin as possible. The baby may have changes in stool consistency, including loose, green bowel movements, but this should return to normal when the phototherapy is discontinued.

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