A patient with a wound on his lower leg needs the nurse to change the dressing. The nurse has a Hydrogel dressing to apply to the wound. What information is true regarding this type of dressing? Select all that apply.


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- It is composed of a combination of calcium and sea salt

- It is transparent and provides a view of the wound

- It is used for autolytic debridement

- It is used for wounds with necrosis and infection

- It is quite costly


When caring for a patient who has a wound, a nurse has several options for types of dressings to apply. Hydrogel dressings are perform autolytic debridement when applied to the wound, in which the body breaks down much of the dead tissue in the wound bed. Hydrogel dressings are often used when wounds are infected or there is a lot of necrotic tissue present, but they can be expensive.

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