A patient with COPD is receiving care at the primary provider's clinic. The patient has been having worsening of symptoms of his emphysema. The physician sends the patient to the hospital for an outpatient chest x-ray to determine if there have been any changes in his lung structure. Which best describes what would most likely show on a chest x-ray in the later stages of emphysema?


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- Lung hyperinflation and a flattened diaphragm

- Increased size of the heart

- A mediastinal shift to the right side

- Irregular areas of plaque formation scattered throughout the lung tissue


Emphysema is a form of COPD that occurs when the walls of the lung alveoli are destroyed. The lungs are no longer flexible in their ability to expand and contract normally. As a result, the lungs become large and hyperinflated; their increased size presses on the diaphragm at the base of the lung field so that it appears low and flattened on a chest x-ray.

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