In which situation would a nurse most likely use a pressure sleeve when administering IV fluids?


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- The patient needs rapid intravascular volume repletion

- The patient is receiving antibiotics

- The patient has high blood pressure

- The patient is obese


"The patient needs rapid intravascular volume repletion" is correct. A pressure sleeve is a mechanism that can be added to the outside of an IV bag to increase the rate at which IV fluid flows into the patient. A pressure sleeve may be added when a patient quickly needs greater volumes of intravascular fluid. Examples include hemorrhage or severe dehydration.
"The patient is receiving antibiotics" is incorrect because antibiotics given IV should not be rapidly infused.
"The patient has high blood pressure" is incorrect because quickly increasing blood volume on a patient with high blood pressure will worsen their hypertension.
"The patient is obese" is incorrect because rapid IV infusion is not medically indicated for a patient solely based on their weight.

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