A nurse receives an order to administer norepinephrine IV to a patient at a rate of 30 mL/hr. The nurse receives the medication in a 500 mL bag of D5W that contains 40 mg of the drug. How many mcg/min will the patient receive?


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- 40 mcg/min

- 20 mcg/min

- 60 mcg/min

- 80 mcg/min


"40 mcg/min" is correct. To calculate this result, the nurse should first calculate the amount of mg/hour.

To do this, the nurse takes the rate and divides it by the volume in the bag:

30 mL/hr divided by 500 mL = 0.06 hr/ml

This is then multiplied by the dose available:

0.06 x 40 mg (in the bag) = 2.4 mg/hr

The dose is then converted from mg/hr to mcg/min:

2.4 mg/hr divided by 60 minutes = 0.04 x 1000 = 40 mcg/min

Haws, J., RN. (2017, July 07). Med Math for Nurses Master Post (dosage calculations and dimensional analysis . . . with practice). Retrieved from https://www.nrsng.com/med-math-dosage-calculations/

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