A mother wants to donate her blood to her child who is having surgery, but discovers that she has a different blood type than her child. Which type of blood donation is the child most likely going to receive?


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- Directed blood donation

- Autologous blood donation

- Allogeneic blood donation

- Xenogeneic blood donation


"Allogeneic blood donation" is correct because this refers to a normal whole blood donation to anyone other than the donor himself. 'Allogeneic' means taken from individuals of the same species, which is how all anonymous blood donation is done in the United States.

"Directed blood donation" is incorrect because a directed blood donation involves a person donating blood specifically for the purpose of giving it to a certain person. The donor must meet the same requirements as in a regular blood donation, and all the standard protocols are still in place. The blood must match the receipient's blood and be free of infection.

"Autologous blood donation" is incorrect because this involves a person donating blood to be stored for themselves to use later.

"Xenogeneic blood donation" is incorrect because xenogeneic refers to an outside species.

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