A patient with hypertriglyceridemia has been ordered to undergo plasmapheresis. Which of the following information is true regarding this procedure? Select all that apply.


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- Plasmapheresis removes plasma from the cellular component of blood

- A centrifuge is used for plasmapheresis

- Plasmapheresis may be used to remove toxins and clotting factors from circulation

- The process is also called therapeutic plasma exchange (TPE)

- Plasmapheresis is used for autoimmune diseases to remove certain antibodies


All answers are correct. Plasmapheresis describes a process that involves separating plasma from blood cells. The process is somewhat similar to hemodialysis and may be used to remove such elements as toxins, clotting factors, or triglycerides from a patient’s circulation. It is also known as therapeutic plasma exchange (TPE).

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